YES!! You Too Can Unlock Mysteries & Become A DNA Super Hero

My DNASuperHero

How can you become a DNA Super Hero?

Many people do not realize that THEIR DNA can provide answers for missing persons cases worldwide. If you are the family member of a missing person, if you know you are a missing person, if you've had suspicions of your upbringing and could be a missing person, or if you just want to be part of the DNA action to see what mysteries you could unfold, you've come to the right place!

Police collected DNA in missing persons cases only becomes useful if there is an unidentified body or the missing person also happened to be a perpetrator or victim of a crime that would initiate their DNA being taken into the system (eg. murder, rape).

BUT NOW DNA ON THESE CONSUMER WEBSITES HAVE BECOME THE "NEW PHONE BOOK" OF THE WORLD! AND EVERY PERSON CAN BE A DNA SUPER HERO by adding their DNA to the "phonebook"!! Anyone willing to buy and send in a consumer DNA kit provides an opportunity to possibly bring peace, closure and understanding for victims and families of victims in missing persons cases.

How it works